reading summary, no copy and paste!

Kanov, J. M., Maitlis, S., Worline, M. C., Dutton, J. E., Frost, P. J., & Lilius, J. M.

(2004). Compassion in organizational life. American Behavioral Scientist, 47(6), 808-827.

The summary will be graded on a rubric evaluating the following four areas: content and development, format, organization and structure, punctuation and spelling

This summary is not a copy and paste of portions of the readings. You need to address specific issues such as: What theoretical framework(s) are the authors viewing leadership from? How are the constructs of a) leader/subordinate relationships; b) communication c) organizational goals/vision/mission; d) culture; and e) values addressed? You may not be able to answer all of these questions however be sure to address the ones that are discussed.

Your written assignments will be evaluated on the following criteria:

1.Identification of your positions/opinions

2.Clarity and organization of the contents

3.Effectiveness of the supporting materials and arguments

4.Application of learning materials from this course

5.Identification of sources of information and ideas

6.Depth of analysis

7.Discernable efforts involved

8.Format (APA style)

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