read chapter 9 quot leadership communication quot from attached text and answer the below questions in 500 words

read chapter 9 “Leadership Communication” from attached text and answer the below questions in 500 words

  1. A manager in a communication class remarked, “Listening seems like minimal intrusion of oneself into the conversation, yet it also seems like more work.” Do you agree or disagree? Discuss.
  2. Some senior executives believe they should rely on written information and computer reports because these yield more accurate data than face-to-face communications do. Do you agree? Discuss.
  3. How do leaders use communication to influence and persuade others? Describe when someone you have known who is skilled in the art of persuasion. What makes this person an effective communicator?
  4. How might leaders use social media to create a sense of community among employees? What do you think are some advantages and disadvantages of a company using social media to communicate with employees?



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