read chapter 6 budgeting from the attached text book and answer p6 2 which is at the end of chapter 6 in the text book

Read chapter 6: Budgeting from the attached text book and answer P6-2 which is at the end of chapter-6 in the text book

Rogers Petersen and Cabots are two of the five largest investment banks in the United States. Last year,

there was a major scandal at Cabots involving manipulation of some auctions for government bonds.

A number of senior partners at Cabots were charged with price fixing in the government bond market.

The ensuing investigation led four of the eight managing directors (the highest-ranking officials at

Cabots) to resign. A new senior managing director was brought in from outside to run the firm. This

individual recruited three outside managing directors to replace the ones who resigned. There was then

a thorough housecleaning. In the following six months, 15 additional partners and more than 40 senior

managers left Cabots and were replaced, usually with people from outside the firm.

Rogers Petersen has had no such scandal, and almost all of its senior executives have been with

the firm for all of their careers.


a. Describe zero-based budgeting.

b. Which firm, Rogers Petersen or Cabots, is most likely to be using ZBB? Why?


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