read case writing a part of a group project 1page

i have a group project paper, its need to read a case which is about ‘Facebook—Can Ethics Scale in the Digital Age?’ and explain problems facebook facing and issue and give solution, i already uploaded.

down below is the part that i have to do, to write about underlying causes of problems, plz read the case and finish it, the problem parts is doing by other group members, all i need is 1-1.5 page underlying causes.

Identification of underlying causes (1-1.5page)

  • Correct use of frameworks and other course material
  • Identification of underlying causes of the problem (going beyond symptoms of the problem)
  • Clear and logical discussion of the evidence taken from the case
  • Use of all the information available in the case (no blind spot)
  • Recognition of missing information/ realistic hypotheses made
  • Resources/capabilities
  • Underlying Causes:
    • Pressure to make money (shareholders)
      • Movement towards Ad Placement Revenue
    • Complex terms of agreement (people don’t fully understand what they are agreeing to/ not a straight forward clause)
    • Poor Communications with Cambridge to ensure that data was deleted and not used wrongly.
    • Lack of regulations and laws: takes a while for laws to catch up

    here is some problem we were talk about that may help for writing:

    • Problem: privacy policies/standards, Facebook losing control of its business model, not being transparent, prioritizing profit over privacy, making broad assumptions of people’s privacy
      • Harm to Users and Society
      • Harm to Customers (Advertisers)
      • Harm to Facebook Shareholders

      format: times new roman 12, single spaced with ‘0’ spacing before and after, and normal margin
      everywhere (2.45cm)
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