read articles and answer the questions 4

1,Captive Insurance Companies: A Common Sense Approach,

2,The Cost of Worry,

3,Entering New Markets? Consider Supply Chain Risk

Homework 4 (18 points)

  • In “Captive Insurance Companies: A Common Sense Approach” by Joseph Tucciarone and Louis Biscotti, (Topic 6 Core Articles):
  • In “The Cost of Worry” by Eric Copple (Topic 7 Core),
  • In “Entering New Markets? Consider Supply Chain Risk”, (Topic 7 Core Articles),
  • The tax deductibility of premiums paid to a captive has been an ongoing discussion with the IRS. What is the current status of deductibility of premiums paid to a captive. What does the IRS look for? (4 points)
  • Why do companies form captives according to the author? (3 points)
  • Give an example of how a captive can benefit a company even if it has commercial insurance coverage. (2 points)
  • What does Mr. Copple think is the cost of worry? (2 points)
  • How can risk managers and firms in general successfully deal with worry? (2 points)

  • What are some supply chain risks with new suppliers?(3 points)
  • Your company signs a contract with a new Chinese supplier. You place an order for 1000 widgets at a price of $10 each. The U.S. passes a tariff of 25% on widgets. The supplier now charges you $12,500 for the 1000 widgets. Your staff objects. If your firm practiced the steps recommended in this article, how would you handle this situation? (2 points)
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