read article and write 2 paragraph essay

It is small thing, but i expect at least 90

I want you to find two strategies that Malcolm Gladwell is using in “The Power of Context” to show how he is persuading his audience. Is it effective for his audience or not? Find two strategies that are different in the text. This is practice and will help you with the rough draft. Just try it. It will also help me see how you are understand lectures and worksheets. I want the two paragraphs in MLA format and uploaded in Canvas.

Here is the order for each of the paragraphs:

1. What is the strategy/ What is he doing? (Use the Ethos, Pathos, Logos to help you find them).

2. Show evidence from text.

3. How is it working? This is were you get more specific about how the strategy is working?

4. Is it effective for the reader?

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