read and write 45

please no copy or plagiarism

UNIT 2 – Expository Writing Exercise 

“Living Like Weasels” by Annie Dillard 

Notes of a Native Son” by James Baldwin 

Additional Reading (TBD) 

Choose one of the three essays that we’ve read this week and, in two paragraphs, discuss the following: 

1. Identify a single phrase or sentence that you find particularly effective in the essay’s attempt to describe something to you as a reader. Explain why, in detail, you’ve chosen this particular example. In what sense is it effective? What response does it provoke? How does it accomplish this? You might consider things like specific word choices, placement in the context of the whole essay, tone, etc.

2. How would you describe the overall approach that this essay takes to the task of describing something? What is left out or not included in this description? Why do you think the author omits those things? What is included or highlighted that makes this description unique?FILLER TEXT

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