read a article short choose 2 theories which fits the case


you should say which 2 theories (2 of the 7 ethical theories) you think should be used for your team’s chosen case. Give sentences saying why. Each of you should also say what you think the COMPARISON should say and why.

  • CAUTION 1: In choosing 2 theories, you want theories that give interesting contrast. The 2 theories should have different ethical outcomes for your case, that’s our goal. Rarely, this isn’t possible, but you should aim for 2 different outcomes..
  • CAUTION 2: Make your own choices for which theories. If all of you decide on exactly the same 2 theories, out of 21 possible choices, but those 2 are not a great choice, clearly, you were just “borrowing” from each other. Do not do this, if you do, only the first poster will get full points. Mix it up a bit, try a new theory. If it doesn’t fit or contrast, I’ll say so, but you are not graded for correctness in CHOOSE THEORY, its your chance to try a theory & get feedback on it without any penalty
  • —————————————————————————————-
  • For you reference Theories notes are attached. first page is the 7 ethical theories. Rights, or Utilitarianism, or Kant, or Justice, or Rawls, or Virtues, or Caring.
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