quot what is it about 20 somethings quot and quot my son the prince of fashion quot

Cultural and social changes have a tremendous impact on the younger generations as they prepare for their futures. The challenges they experience and options offered to them lead to a deviation of what is traditional. Henig presents various reasons why 20-somethings are delaying adult responsibilities. The debate on “emerging adulthood” is on-going as its importance should be considered as a true “life stage” or as a “passing trend.” Meanwhile, Michael Chabon explains his experiences with his son at Paris Fashion Week. He sees his son’s profound passion for design, color and fashion as he mingles with top designers and finds his sense of belonging. Also, his father comes to understand his son more. In both articles, young adults encounter challenges of growing up and a mixture of feelings. Moreover, the relationships with parents benefit, yet complicate the process of reaching adulthood. Nevertheless, young adults have the responsibility to shape their own lives. For this essay please address the following: How do cultural and social changes help young adults define themselves and script their lives? Using Abe as the case text, is Abe using the Fashion Week experiences to self-explore positively other options for his future or are they leading to “emerging adulthood”? Thinking Ideas What social and cultural changes influence the younger generation to follow more unorthodox ideas? What are the benefits and drawbacks of “emerging adulthood”? How do parents impact the path of their children? What are the ambivalent feelings of young adults as they move through this maturation process? Are these ambivalent feelings good? How does one reach understanding?

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