quot they say quot concept paper

Write a five paragraph essay discussing one concept from one chapter (from pages 19-90). I chose “They Say”

What do I mean by “concept”? Open to one of the instructional chapters. Let’s say chapter 3 (Logical fallacies/ narratives/ rhetorical analysis). Look through the chapter. As you look through it you will see that it’s divided in to many small sections with title in all caps. Each of these sections is 1-3 pages long. These sections are what I’m calling “concepts.”

You’ll read the section carefully. You’ll take notes. When you think you understand it very well, write a five (or so) paragraph essay explaining it to me. One important thing you should do is to create your own examples, so that you aren’t just summarizing, but showing me that you can apply the concept.

**The book required is “They Say, I Say: With Readings 4th Edition**

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