Quiz part two – I prefer the tutor who just did the other one


  1. A common mistake of a beginning researcher is: (Choose all the correct answers)

Selecting a topic that is too broad or narrow

Over reliance on the course syllabus

Using only electronic sources

Selecting a controversial subject


  1. Business databases are online collections of thousands of:
    • articles
    • market research reports
    • company and industry financials
    • SWOT analyses
      …and more!

Business databases offer:

    • Free access to otherwise expensive information,
    • Immediate online access to articles from thousands of scholarly journals and business publications, and
    • Features that allow you to save, export, and share data, charts, and graphs

Databases are always available, on or off campus, with your WilmU username and password.One business-related database available through the Library is Business Source Ultimate which contains information about national and international business. Please select other library databases (more than one) that the library recommends for business research.

Mergent Intellect

Value Line

Psyc Info

Regional Business News

10 points

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