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Student 1 ( remember only half a page or less and try to put most of it in your own words.)

The advantages of having a centralized staffing function, as opposed to letting each manager be totally responsible for the staffing activities in his or her unit would be that the centralized staffing function would have more control, coordination would be on point and their staffing process would be standardized. A major advantage of having centralized staffing function is the specialization. Even though the managers know the arrangements in the unit for example like web designing. They aren’t up to date on HR functions like dealing with applicants with fraudulent problems and persuading new applicants, etc. Another advantage would be efficiency because it makes communication and process of business easier. A centralized staffing function helps the company’s vision stay focused and it cuts down on conflict. It is a setup where you have more power and critical decision making that only a few have key leaders. With the control over centralization this will ensure that all staffing policies and all procedures are very much carried out through the organization. Now if the managers were free to direct on their own time the staffing activities then this wouldn’t have taken place. You have to be stable in the staffing process because it’s indeed decisive given that the magnitude of consequences of legal actions this which will cause laws and regulations to fail. Centralized staff reply quicker than manager to be honest with you because they are focused and the mangers have a lot of other things to deal with. So, basically the centralized staffing function makes the decisions and the top managers come in afterwards to send out low directed levels for implementation. Managers can only do so much in the workplace so some things they won’t be able to help and this is one of them. You wouldn’t be able to count on each manager to be there to be held responsible for all the staffing activities in his or her unit. It’s not possible!

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