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  • Develop a paper describing your strategic plan (based on your story board), your approach for implementing your plan across the organization, how you will apply the results of your SWOT analysis, and how you will assure you are meeting your three long term objectives.
  • Document three short term action plans for each key objective. Identify a suitable metric/data element for at least one of each of the three action plans. Document this in the storyboard.
  • summary of the results of your analysis and strategic plan.

i mean the rest of the points in story board need to be document in 3 pages theory.

lot of diagrams and charts can be included in the paper. (these will not be included in the word document pages count)

ppt document should also be submitted.

Note: APA format

3 pages in detail word doc and ppt document should also be submitted.

0% plagiarism

Contain 5 peer-reviewed, scholarly references published within the past 5 years.

Paragraph in-text citation (each and every paragraph need to be cited)

100% quality work needed

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