qualitative writing description of research methods

Topic and Research Questions: the effects of deportation on latino children

What implication does the deportation have on Latino children?

What are the social implications of deportation on the welfare of Latino children?

How are Latino families affected by the deportation of their kids?

Description of Research Methods (with appendices): Your description of methods should explain what methods (between 1-2 for this assignment) you are choosing in order to explore your research questions.

– If your research involves interacting with human subjects (which is true with many qualitative research methods), you will need to include, as an attachment (also known as an “appendix”) a draft informed consent form that you would use if you were asking someone to consent to participate in your research.

-You will also need to include an appendix* containing any research instruments (such as a list of interview questions or focus group topics), or other alternatives.

-Your description should be at least 4 pages in length (double-spaced, 12 point font, default margins), not including the appendix* and should clearly identify your research plan, including how you will recruit participants if any, how you will access your data, how you will proceed with collecting it, what time-table you will use, and what resources you will need.

**The Lit Review is for reference for what you must do for this part of the assignment.

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