q c s kyle bishop s ted talk on zombies

Video Introduction to Zombie Studies

This Ted talk video introduces you to zombie studies through the work of zombie scholar Kyle Bishop. Like a lot of scholars who study American culture, Bishop focuses on film, since it is often in film that we find the codes, assumptions and ideas that animate our experience on fullest display. For Bishop as well as for many other scholars who study them, zombies can tell us important things about our cultural values. In this second unit we’ll try to do that too by viewing and analyzing some important films in the zombie genre. Here’s the video:

Zombies: an idea worth spreading about how ideas spread: Kyle Bishop at TEDxSUU


  • You only need to do one Q/C now, NOT three, but each Q/C entry should be at least five sentences in length. This will give you the opportunity to develop what you’re thinking about in a more meaningful way.
  • Your entry should refer directly to a specific line/moment from Bishop’s talk. Because this is a video talk, just cite your reference by quoting and referring to the specific time marker during which it occurs, using the time notation provided by Youtube.
  • Just as before, you will also be required to respond to at least two of your classmates’ Q/C’s, engaging in a meaningful way with their ideas.
  • Questions and comments are graded credit/no credit and in order to receive credit, your Q/C’s need to reflect careful reading and thinking. Q/C’s that don’t demonstrate that you’ve done the reading will not receive credit. For instance, if you write, as a question, “Why did you have us read this?” or, “What other books did this author write?” or “What does the author want to say to us?” then you won’t receive credit. Be specific in your Q/C’s, referencing the reading/viewing material and engaging with it, and you’ll do fine. You also need to respond to two of your classmates’ Q/C’s. Finally, summary will not count for credit either. If you just explain what’s happening in the text, you won’t receive credit–you have to explain what you think about what’s happening in the text.
  • Failure to meet any of the Q/C’s requirements listed here will result in a zero.
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