Putting together an IT management project

This assignment must meet all requirements to be considered correctly completed. 15 pages not including the title page or reference page. You must use AMERICAN ENGLISH, APA format to include double spacing, running head, Times Roman, 12 font, double spacing, etc. Before I accept your bid I do need you to be prepared to prove you are up to this challenge.

Currently, your company has an antiquated system for handling customer orders, product development, and supply management.Your US base of operations system is not connected to your overseas branch and this is creating an impossible situation for coordinating between the offices.Senior management has decided to roll-out an ENTERPRIISING RESOURCE PLANNING ERP system to handle all aspects of the business and integrate the systems for both the US office and the overseas branch.For this project, you are to assume that you are rolling out a new ERP System for your company.Your company has an office in the US and in a foreign country of your choice.You ERP rollout will involve a 5 member project team both in the US and in your overseas country (10 total people) who must coordinate all aspects of the project development.For this project, you will follow the Information Technology Project Methodology.You are expected to produce the following for your project:

Phase 1 – Conceptualize and Initialize – In this section, define the goal of the project.This should include a justification of why the ERP system is necessary.

Phase 2 – Develop the Project Charter and Detailed Project Plan – In this section, identify the project manager and team rolls for both the US Team and the overseas team.Identify the scope of the project and attempt to build a project budget (no more than 5 million). Estimate how long the project will take to complete.Identify resources and technology which will be required.Identify the approach, tools, and techniques that will be used to develop the ERP.Identify the tasks or activities necessary to perform the work of the project, the estimated time to complete the tasks or activities and who on the project team will be responsible for each.Finally estimate what the organization will receive for the time, money, and resources invested in the project

Phase 3 – Execute and Control the Project – This should include a scope, schedule, budget, and quality control plan, a risk plan, a quality management plan, a change management plan, a communications plan, a testing plan, and an implementation plan.

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