Psychology  SO 300 Research Methods Paper – 2 Pages – APA 7e format

IntroductionThis assignment examines and applies concepts in the Experimental Methods chapter and gives you the opportunity to practice research skills.InstructionsUsing the guidelines in Chapter 6 design an experiment that could test one of your hypotheses for your research proposal. Then in the format of an APA style essay answer or do the following:In an APA Style paper, present your responses to the following prompts:Describe your hypothesis, type of experiment and justify why this design is the best for answering this question. Present your independent and dependent variables. Note: a survey is not the same as an experiment. Surveys can present an experiment design BUT there has to be some type of manipulation and at least 2 conditions (experimental and control. We’ll be covering Surveys next week.Describe the “ecology” [the place where it will take place]. Is experiment based around everyday life, a natural experiment, or is it more controlled/ systematic?  If so, what kind of comparison is it? [This section is all about ecological validity]Describe how you will select and assign participants to conditions.Describe how you will protect your experiment’s internal and external validity.Your paper must be presented in proper APA 7e format.Your paper should have a cover page, text body section, and a references page (if applicable). An abstract is not necessary – do not put an abstract into your paper.Book: Making Sense of the Social World Methods of Investigation Sixth Edition Daniel F. Chambliss

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