Psychology  Psychology

We are going to have our first experience with peer teaching today!  I have noticed that my students have many competencies.  Two of these competencies involve 1) being able to instruct others and 2) making important contributions to class by sharing knowledge with each other. This week we are going to build on your competencies by having each of you make a presentation to the class.        critical periods.jpg  I will assign each of you one week to a couple of months of prenatal development (for example: conception to implantation, 1-4 weeks, 4-8 weeks etc…). Please create a presentation/lecture using PowerPoint or Prezi that explains what happens during your assigned weeks/months of prenatal development. Remember that you need to supply college level information to the class so that they can understand the concepts of development involved in that stage.  1.  Show a picture or video relating to that stage.  2.  Describe what happens in that stage. What is currently forming? What is done forming?  3.  Is this stage the critical period for the formation of anything? Is there any substance or disease that is particularly harmful during this stage

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