Psychology  PS 125 Discussion – 200 Or More Words, APA format

Let’s take a look at some recent cases of teen drug abuse:Alcoholism and drug abuse in teenagers-Megan Hanley-TEDxBarringtonHighSchool (Links to an external site.)The life of an adolescent battling drug addiction(Links to an external site.)Story time-Overcoming my addiction to marijuana(Links to an external site.)(This video contains language that may not be suitable.)DirectionsAfter viewing the above videos, apply concepts from your text and readings that may help to explain the teens’ attitudes and willingness to use and abuse drugs.- What cognitive factors explain the teens’ attitudes about drugs?- What socioemotional factors explain the teens’ attitudes about drugs?- Explain how these factors may play a role in teen addiction.- If a parent of a teen came to you for advice about drug education, what would you tell them?

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