Psychology  Pharmacotherapy Assignment

For the Medication Chart assignment, you need to select an appropriate medication for each category. Do not pick a class of drug! Pick a specific drug for each category. Also, some medications can be used in multiple categories. Do not repeat the same drug across the assignment. The goal of the assignment is to become familiar with multiple medications, and repeating via copy + paste does not show a high level of academic work, and prevents you from becoming familiar with the number of medications we are aiming for in this assignment.For exampleBenzodiazepines = Class of Drug = Incorrect AnswerKlonopin / Clonazepam = Drug in the Benzodiazepine Class = Correct if it applies in an appropriate columnThe column which provides the greatest challenge to most classes is the final column focused on Co-Occurring applications for the medication. Co-occurring applications concern what this medication does for mental health concerns in addition to the addiction-oriented concern (or vice-versa for the third category on depression and anxiety).So, medication for alcohol dependence may have an application for PTSD oranxiety. Address that in this column.DO NOT SIMPLY SAY IT WORKS WELL FOR THE OTHER CATEGORY. I MUST SEE SPECIFIC MENTAL HEALTH DIAGNOSES OR OTHER MEDICAL CONDITIONS RELATED TO TREATMENT A COUNSELOR WOULD BE INVOLVED IN.*****Every single box needs to have scholarly support*******

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