Psychology  Multicultural experience LGBTQ

-NO COVER PAGE-5 pages of information!Students will provide a critical self-reflection about your development of multicultural competence regarding LGBTQ issues over the past few years and your current assessment of your strengths and areas for growth with this diverse population. Integrate relevant models and theories reviewed in this course. Include your self-assessment of your role as an ally, member, and/or  advocate for the LGBQ community, if applicable. Describe your plan for continued growth in your LGBTQ competence in the coming years and how this course has changed, altered, or enhanced your worldview in working with LGBTQ Clients.  This response should include relevant citations from academic and non-academic sources (3 Total). Please include personal reflections in relation to your narrative. A narrative rather than scholarly academic style is appropriate for this assignment.Length 5-7 pages double spaced.

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