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Personal Application 1: Free at Last!Learning Objective: Describe the transition from adolescence to adulthood.Allport’s Dimensions of MaturityRead about the transition from adolescence to adulthood.The purpose of this journal is to examine Allport’s dimensions of maturity. There are many tasks that are accomplished in early adulthood including the establishment of an intimate relationship, the beginnings of family, and the decision about careers. One of the tasks that deserves attention is maturity. Most of the traditional-aged students in your classes, your peers, (i.e., late adolescence and early adulthood) are currently working on these dimensions in their own lives.Some areas will demand their undivided attention; others can be worked on in concert.Allport’s dimensions of maturity are described below:Extension of self is doing something for its own sake, not because others want you to or because it is expected of you.Relating warmly to others is developing intimate relations and displaying compassion.Emotional security is:accepting emotional responses without letting them take controlan ability to handle high levels of stresscontrol over emotional expressionRealistic perception is perceiving situations accurately.Possession of skills and competencies is being aware of skills and displaying pride in personal abilities.Knowledge of the self is:knowing what one can doknowing what one cannot doknowing what one ought to doEstablishing a unifying philosophy of life is finding a guiding purpose, establishing ideals, identifying needs, developing goals, and adopting values.The purpose of this exercise is to recognize the significance of the period of transition from high school to college. There are both positive and negative experiences related to this time in life. It is often a time of newfound independence, setting adolescents on the path toward true adulthood; yet, today’s college freshmen report being more stressed and depressed than those from the 1980s (Santrock & Halonen, 1999).Think about your transition from high school to college. How did your life circumstances change? How prepared did you feel going into this new phase of your life? How prepared did you discover you actually were? In what ways did you meet your expectations for success on your own, and in what ways did you discover that you needed guidance? How are you faring now? What has been the most significant change, and what is the most significant lesson you have learned in this time period? What were some markers that you felt like an adult? Does your current life meet the criteria for adulthood?Reflect on these questions and write a journal in the space below. Please check for grammar and spelling before submitting. If you use your textbook, please cite.

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