Psychology  Explain why it is important that you develop effective teamwork and collaboration skills and the extent you think teamwork and collaboration skills differ

1. Examine yourself as a team member and/or collaborator. Be sure to include the following:· Identify your three top strengths and provide examples of how your strengths have helped (or could help) your team and/or collaboration· Examine factors that make collaboration and/or teamwork more difficult for you· Identify two areas where you may need to improve and assess how those may impact a team or team environment· Include strategies for how you could address your identified weaknesses to minimize their negative impact· Analyze what you can personally gain from being an effective team member and/or collaborator2. Establish a set of five personal ground rules that you will use to ensure you are a productive and responsible collaborator and/or team member and explain why these are important (hint: think about your responses to the previous bullets as you formulate your list)3.. Assess how what you have learned will enable you, in the role of a manager, to build and manage effective and successful teams.

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