project work 8

Task 1

Project Document 10 pages

Task 2

Project Power Point Presentations 10 Slides.

Your post should be at least 10 pages and include at least one citation and reference formatted using APA 6 requirements and 10 pages of ppt sides.

Be sure to review with students that APA format is REQUIRED.

* Use the following case study of two Universities and their attempts to protect against Laptop theft


* Submit a Facility Security Plan that would have helped prevent this organization from experiencing this failure

* Submit at least 6 but no more than 10 pages double spaced

* No photos or graphs

* Reference all sources used

* You may submit a second review if you change your mind after submitting the first review, but only the last attempt will be graded

* You may use the following guidelines as a template for the content of you FSP(Facility Security Plan)


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