Project Integration and Scope Management

Minimum 500-600 words in APA style.

A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide), Fifth Edition defines a process as a series of actions bringing about a result (2013). Processes will generally be project processes or product processes. Processes can also be either iterative or integrative.

1 How do project management processes overlap with and support success throughout the project phases?

2 What is the difference between project processes and product processes?

According to the PMBOK® Guide, a statement of work (SOW) is a narrative description of products or services to be supplied by the project. In comparison, the project charter is the document that formally authorizes a project.

1 Discuss the importance of these project documents, and why they should be produced.

2 What 3 critical missions does the charter serve when it is published?

3 Why should every project have a work breakdown structure (WBS)?

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