Project about Togo. read description below. 5 parts

  • Individual Country Project

    It is time you started serious work on your Individual Country Project. Here are some research questions and that you need to answer within the indicated time frame. Use the data sources as mentioned in the course syllabus. You should also get started with putting this information in a draft report form as you go along.This project relates to the country you have selected to study. The objective if this project is to gather information about that country that will help you in preparing for business negotiation in the country. You are, in addition, specifically required to use the Hofstede’s framework to study the country’s national cultural dimension and recommend how they will affect the negotiations.There are five parts to this assignment.Individual Country Project-Instructions and deadlines.docx Part-1: Country Report: Start with the following now-Finish by October 3 (5 points)

    • What is the geographic location of the country?
    • What are the various ethnicities that reside in the nation?
    • What are the several of the cultures manners and customs?
    • List several of the values that people hold dear.

    Speaker — September 28 Thursday

    • Attend Amb. Robins lecture. Prepare 1-2 pages, single space summary for submission. Extra Credit: 10 points

    Part-2: Country Report: Start October 3-Finish by October 10 (5 Points)

    • How would you classify the country’s economic, political, and legal system?
    • Is government heavily involved in the country’s economy?
    • Does its political economy suggest that the country could be a potential market?

    Part-3: Country Report: Start October 10-Finish by October 17 (5 Points)

    • Is it a developed, newly industrializing, emerging, or developing economy?
    • What is its GDP, GDP per capita, and GDP at PPP?
    • How does the country rank in human development index?

    Part-4: Country Report: Final Section Start on October 17–Finish by October 24 (15 Points)As the manager of an American company, you have to negotiate a business deal with the representatives of a potential distributor in your assigned country. Intercultural skills are critical for a successful international experience so you consider collecting information regarding the local culture before your departure.

    1. Select two dimensions detailed in Hofstede’s framework to describe your assigned country. Provide country specific examples to support your answer.
    2. Provide a recommendation on indicating how the Hofstede cultural characteristics you identified will positively or negatively impact the negotiation process.

    Part-5 Full Report: Country Report: Final Report to be submitted by October 31 (10 Points)Prepare a written report including all the information you have gathered for the above requirements. Be sure to pay special attention to the Hofstede framework part of research. Be thoughtful in formulating your recommendation for negotiation.

  • NOTE, please do me a good work.
  • Thank you.
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