project 1 html 1


This document is designed to guide you through the process of designing your website (course-long project) for this course. It will serve as a basic roadmap for you to follow as you create your site.

The individual projects assigned throughout the course will culminate into a single, completed website by the end of the course. The main topic of the website will be decided by you. This is your chance to be creative!

It must contain at LEAST 5 pages (described in later assignments) and relevant images/photos. If you have trouble brainstorming an idea, take a look at some of the following suggestions:

  • Create a fake product, named ABC123, and create a website to showcase its capabilities
  • Make a website about yourself, the classes you have taken, the things you have accomplished and the places you have been.
  • Create a how-to website on making, creating or doing something.
  • … or anything else you like!

The following sections of this document will walk you through the important steps of planning a website. Follow the directions carefully. Actionable items will be highlighted in red. Please leave the information you enter in red so it is easy to find what you did. Completing this planning document is worth 50 points.

[zwd1] [zwd1]When you start this document, fill out the name and date. Please delete “<<” and “>>” throughout the entire document.

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