programming assignment os


i.  Types of CPU scheduling methods:

1. First-Come, First-Served Scheduling

2. Shortest-Job-First Scheduling

3. Priority Scheduling

4. Round-Robin Scheduling

5. Multilevel Queue Scheduling

ii. Among the above scheduling scheme, pick one method and simulate the CPU scheduling procedure.

iii. First, you are supposed to implement CPU scheduler. 

iv. Next, you need to populate multiple processes. The processes should be managed by your system from the viewpoint of the Operating Systems. This requires that you maintain the corresponding PCBs. Before the creation of processes, it would be better to design the behavior scenario of each process.

v. The scheduler should show the (concurrent) sequence how the processes are selected to run their tasks and release (return) their turn to the other processes.

vi. Most importantly, you have to combine the CPU scheduler with the synchronization mechanism in order to prevent multiple processes from accessing the shared resources including system timer, counter on the queue, etc. The scenario should include a certain situation which show that you included the synchronization scheme on the CPU scheduler. 

vii. Final result should be organized as a document which explains the overview and the structure of your program, real code, execution results (including captured image), and the conclusion including justification of your program, lessons you’ve learned, comments, etc.

viii. Languages: C, C++ or Java 

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