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Just because an activity takes place outside, that does not make it an outdoor recreation activity (Cordes & Hutson, 2015).The purpose of this assignment is to provide insight and understanding into what constitutes an outdoor recreation experience. Just because an activity occurs in the out-of-door, that does not automatically qualify as an outdoor recreation experience. The focus is the activities related to nature. Golf, tennis, football, motocross, shooting range, or visiting a zoo would not qualify as an outdoor recreation experience because the environment is artificial and nature plays a minimal roleThe complete(7) seven full pages assignment must be in a paragraph (not an outline) format and contain the following information:Name of the area (trail, park, etc.) and the agency that manages the resource where the activity took place (Cite this source in your text and References); Type of event; Reason for selecting the activity; Duration of the activity (identify travel time and actual time in the activity); Social setting (with friends, strangers, or alone); Benefit(s) derived from the activity to the student.Cost of the activity direct (gas, food, etc.) and indirect (equipment, training, etc.). Include at least two (2) references for this assignment. The minimum references would be the textbook and the web site for the managing agency of the area you visited. References are listed alphabetically.Length:  (7) seven  full double-spaced pages (including the Title page and References page) include at least two references The references should include the class textbook and the land management agency web site.

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