Professional research file

Professional Organizations Resource FilePurpose of Assignment:The early childhood educator will compile and maintain a professional portfolio that consists of tools for reference and application to work in the early childhood setting. This assignment builds awareness of Early Childhood Educators’ Associations and Resources through the creation of a resource file item, providing a reference for the educator’s practice. This resource file item is a required element in the CDA Candidate Portfolio.Course Competency:Categorize developmentally appropriate practices that advance child development and learning.Instructions:The College School of Education guide SOE guide offers a list of professional organizations for early childhood educators on its  career services page. On that page, research the different types of organizations available for early childhood professionals to become members.Content:Select two or three early childhood associations (national, regional, state, or local) to list in your file item***(MY TWO THAT I CHOSE ARE National Black Child Development Institute ANDDivision for Early Childhood)***. Include the names of the associations, their website addresses, and describe the professional resources and membership opportunities that are useful in supporting early childhood professionals.Provide the following for each of the early childhood associations you chose to cover in this assignment:Name of associationWeb address and main office address and phone numberDescription of the association (a few sentences about who they serve and what they offer)Describe how to become a professional member of the association (how to complete and submit the application, the structure and cost of dues, etc.)Describe various opportunities and professional resources offered to the association’s members

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