Principles of Organization and Management

Prepare a report on Schlumberger organization that covers the following areas:

1. Organization Behaviour: A.What is an Organization behaviour?, B.Describe with a relevant examples on the chosen organization.

2. Theories of Organization: A. Discuss the chosen organization according to the System Approach, B. What is a Contingency plan? Explain a situation that occurs in the organization that you think will need a contingency plan and accordingly write a contingency plan for the situation.

3. Team Based working: Discuss how the group are form and being developed in the chosen organization.

4. Work Related Issues: Discuss the following work related attitudes in the chosen organization.

– Job Satisfaction- Job Involvement- Organizational commitment- Perceived organizational support- Employee engagement

**Support your answer with examples.

5. A minimum 10 question of an interview script conducted with the chosen organization should be attached to the Assignment and the finding should be discuss.

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