prepare an 8 10 page analytics report based on the analysis you completed in assessment 2

QUESTION: Prepare an 8-10 page analytics report based on the analysis you completed in Assessment 2. In the report, analyze the business issue, summarize the methods you have chosen to analyze the data, create five descriptive statistical techniques, and complete one inferential statistical technique to estimate, test, or predict something.



Your manager has requested an analysis comparing your state and another state in order to determine the best location for the headquarters of the moving company for which you work.

Prepare an analytics report of 8–10 pages. Your analytics report should contain the following:

  • Section I Business Question (or other appropriate heading)
  • Section II Data Analysis Techniques and Methods
  • Section III Descriptive Statistical Analysis
  • Section IV Inferential Statistical Analysis
  • Analyze the business question or problem.
    • Explain the business problem your analysis is attempting to address and how it will do so.
  • Summarize the methods you have selected to analyze the data.
    • Be sure to support your selections with examples from previous applications (experience) and your research. You must justify all of your techniques, including the descriptive and inferential techniques, but justifying and supporting descriptive techniques may be as simple as explaining why it is the most appropriate graph, chart, or summary method for your data.
  • Using the data set you downloaded in Assessment 2, create 5 descriptive statistical techniques.
    • These may be graphs, charts, or numeric summaries but must be appropriate for the type of data and must assist in addressing the business question or problem.
    • Copy/paste the graphs, charts, or summaries from Excel into your document.
    • Remember that there are different options based on the data type (qualitative versus quantitative data) and that other considerations must be taken when choosing the appropriate descriptive techniques for a particular type of data.
  • Use the data set you downloaded to complete one inferential statistical technique to estimate, test, or predict something using the inferential statistical methods you learned in this course.
  • The method you choose should be based on your work in Assessment 2.
  • Support your choice of method using prior analytic project experience and/or your own research.
  • Within this section include:
  • Assumptions: All assumptions required to use the technique you selected should be checked and explained (when there is no way to validate or check that the assumption is met). Any assumptions that may not be met should be included in your cautions and limitations of your analysis.
  • Results: Guidance on when, where, and with whom the results of your analysis should be used should be included in your generalizations section and should be based on the source of the data, data collection methods (if any are provided with your business scenario), and potential issues with how and when the data was collected, recorded, and so on.
  • Conclusions: Your conclusion should restate the business question or problem, identify the methods used (both descriptive and inferential methods), and summarize the results and findings (in business language).
  • Cautions, Limitations: Your cautions and limitations should include any potential issues or limitations in using your analysis due to the assumptions not being met or being minimally met.
    • Generalizations: Your generalizations should include notes about when and how the results of your analysis should and should not be used, specifically focusing on the contents of the data set you have analyzed.

Deliverable Format

The analytics report is a professional document and should therefore follow the corresponding MBA Academic and Professional Document Guidelines, using double-spaced paragraphs. Write for management or other analysts.

You must also include:

  • 8–10 pages in length, not including the title page, references page, or abstract.
  • Title page.
  • Abstract (optional).
  • References page.
  • At least 3 supporting resources.
  • APA-formatted references.
  • Appendices for graphs, charts, and summaries if you prefer, rather than including them in the text of your report.
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