prepare a power point presentation for environment and art

Prepare a power point presentation with 15 to 20 slides, about a topic of your choice, so the information needs to be organized and concise.

The subject for your presentation is up to you as long as it has to do with the environment and art

Possible subjects:

•Artist: Research a past or present artist’s work and how they depict the environment.

•Culture: Research a particular culture’s art. How does the art regard nature? How does the art reflect the environment?

•Extinct/Endangered Species: Select a recently endangered or extinct species; how was it viewed in the past and today? And most importantly the art that depicts it?

•Environmental Issue: how some artists work to save what inspires them.

•Art Medium or technique: Select a medium and find how it has been used to depict the environment such as bronze, photography, wood , installations/mixed media stone etc.

The Power point:

•15 to 20 slides

•Start with an intro. slide first, include title, date, class, your name.

•Keep your presentation clear, concise and informative, with pictures and text that are easy to read, consider the color of the text and background.

•References need to be cited on the last slide.

!!!!!!!!You must submit a 2 page summary write up.

Your write up will be a slide by slide narration of the information you would be presenting if you had a live audience. Included will be a paragraph describing the impact that the project has had on you and why you chose it

If u decide a topic, talk to me before u start it

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