Practicum 4

Module four covers Literacy Assessment, including Dyslexia and Research and Inquiry Skills.Practicum four covers literacy assessment, specifically analyzing running records. To demonstrate your knowledge in the area of literacy assessment:Complete a miscue analysis.Analyze students reading behavior and reading level.To complete the practicum you will need:Practicum 4 instruction page.pdf:  This page has a student’s running record and instructions for completing the assignment.Practicum 4 Recording Sheet.docx: This is a Word Document with fields for name, miscue analysis (beside student running record), analysis of reading behavior, and reading level. Download this form to your computer, then save it as follows: last name, first initial, underscore, practicum four (doej_practicum 4).Practicum 4 Exemplar.pdf:This form includes an example of a different student’s running record, a complete miscue analysis, analysis of student’s reading behavior and reading level.Practicum 4 Rubric.pdf: This rubric will be used to assess this practicum and assign a grade. Use this rubric as a guide as you complete this practicum. This rubric is also available in the Grading Rubrics link in the course menu.

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