portfolio project submission

Work Facility: Advanced Air

Location: Advanced Air Hangar

Facility Details: 100ftx150ft

Facility Hazards: Low light, low ventilation, Hard to find exists and Lack of oversight when Maintenance work i s being done due to the size.

Job: Maintenance done on aircraft wings

Hazards: Fall risk, If fall protection is not worn the fall can be fatal, Situational awareness,

you must submit a portfolio of projects (final paper submission in APA format). This portfolio must include the projects mentioned below:

  1. Develop a general inspection form to assess a work facility or work unit (include in Appendices).
  2. Develop a detailed inspection form targeting specific workplace hazards associated with an activity and equipment (include in Appendices).
  3. Coordinate with a work organization to conduct a general inspection of a work facility or work unit and conduct a detailed inspection of a specific workplace activity and related equipment (use the forms you developed).
  4. Develop a report summarizing inspection results, including a risk assessment of hazards identified and recommendations for hazard control if deficiencies are noted.
  5. Coordinate with a work organization to complete a job safety analysis of a work task. The write-up should summarize the analysis and a completed analysis form should be included in the paper submission.

Risk Assessments on the hazards can be completed on the attached form. I have identified a few hazards at the top, but feel free to get creative and use your own.

All other forms must be created by you and attached in the appendices

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