pm asmnt 4

Please complete the following work from the chapters listed below in your textbook. Show detailed work in your submittal and create this in Microsoft Word, Excel, or Project (Time New Roman or Arial, font 11 or 12) document(s) as required; draw any diagrams and/or cut-and-paste screen captures intoONE Microsoft Word documentby the due date listed in the Course Schedule (read the Course Syllabus regarding Late Submittals; penalties apply).Use your textbook, lecture notes, Powerpoints and chat discussions from the appropriate Unit/Chapter to complete this assignment:Chapter 5Discussion Questions (DQ)1. Create a Work Breakdown Structure for a term paper project or another school-related project you are working on.  What are the steps in the WBS?  Can you identify any sub-steps for each step?Internet Exercise2. Access Analyzing the comprehensive Scope Statement for the data warehousing project, what problem is this project seeking to address? what is the proposed solutions?MS Project Exercise (Project Outline – Remodeling an Appliance)3. Using the information provided below, construct a simple WBS table for the project example.Project Outline— Remodeling an ApplianceI Research PhaseII Design and Engineering PhaseIII Testing PhaseIV Manufacturing PhaseV Sales PhaseI Research PhaseA. Prepare product development proposal1. Conduct competitive analysis2. Review field sales reports3. Conduct technological capabilities assessmentB. Develop focus group dataC. Conduct telephone surveysD. Identify relevant specification improvementsII Design and Engineering PhaseA. Interface with marketing staffB. and so onIII Testing PhaseIV Manufacturing PhaseV Sales Phase

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