please list and discuss the two traits biometric access control

For this assignment, using proper APA formatting please list and discuss the two traits biometric access control are based on. List, cite, and explain at least four components of each traits. You should write two paragraphs on each trait. Each paragraph should have at least four sentences. Each paragraph should have a different citation.

The same is also required for each trait component:

  • Two paragraphs on each component
  • Each paragraph should have four sentences
  • There should be a different citation in each paragraph


Please use the Discussion Board Header in the Course Material Folder for this and ever discussion board assignment in this course.

A subtitle is needed for each question.

Each paragraph must be indented and have at least 4 complete sentences.

You need to respond to at least two classmates’ posts with at least 100 words.

Your initial post is due on Wednesday, while your responses are due by Saturday.

You must have in-text citations along with a reference list supporting your work.

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