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Revising Website Content and Client Presentation Project.

For this assignment, we will be looking at NJIT’s website content. Under the guise of an internal project by a company that is actively pursuing a contract to revise and handle all of NJIT’s web content, your group will pick one webpage that is under the NJIT web umbrella and draft a report for your superior (me) that meets the following requirements:

  • Discusses the content of the page as is and any apparent weaknesses that detract from the purpose of the page
  • Include a template of what the page might look like, to the best of your ability, with your revisions including text, visuals, and other factors
  • Explain the purpose behind these changes and any additional work that might be required
  • The report segment of this project should have the following sections and be approximately 1,000 words
    • Introduction: Tell us about your chosen site and provide the broad strokes regarding what the site is actually supposed to do and why it was selected
    • Problems: Outline the problems that are apparent in the site regarding purpose, functionality, and how these factors are or aren’t relayed to the intended audience
    • Solutions: How can we fix the site and sell these fixes to our potential client (NJIT) and tactfully explain the problems within their site as is without alienating them
    • Conclusion: Any final remarks
    • Include template at the end of your report
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