Please explain a person rationale for selecting these two metrics that McAfee should use to evaluate the effectiveness of its talent community in sourcing top talent.

I have attached the McAfee Chapter 6Metric 1McAfee recruitment team need to evaluate “how applicants, top candidates, and successful new hires discovered the vacancies for which they applied” (Phillips & Gully, 2015). – In using this metric, the team can decide which recruiting tools are working and which ones are not effective and can be eliminated from the process. In utilizing this metric, it will help to reduce unnecessary spending and create time-saving measures.Metric 2Passive Candidate Conversion Rate- The passive candidate conversion rate metric will address McAfee’s issue with reaching candidates and keeping them engaged. It can be set up to monitor how many attempts it takes to get a candidate to apply all the way to the onboarding process.  In gathering this information, it will give the team insight into how to get and keep the potential applicant engaged in the process.No more than 100-150 words with references if any

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