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Cultural Identity and Native American Myths

Key Post (around 250 words) due Thursday by 11:30 PM ET:

1. Research a set of myths from one particular Native American tribe or nation using the Learning Resources. You will briefly recount some of these myths as evidence for the people’s identity as you have understood it.

2. Think of TEN adjectives that describe this tribe or nation’s identity based on what you encounter in the myths, such as characters, plots, scenery, imagery, and so forth Examples of adjectives are: generous, fearless, cunning, horse-loving, war-loving, peace-loving, etc.

3. Made a LIST of your ten adjectives, and EXPLAIN YOUR THINKING ABOUT WHY YOU CHOSE EACH OF THESE TEN ADJECTIVES, correlating each with something in the myths.

METHOD: First briefly tell the myths. THEN list the ten adjectives, and for each adjective refer to and elaborate aspects of the myths (characters, events, etc.) that support your choice of that adjective. Cite your myths using MLA format in a Works Cited list at the end of your post.

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