please answer this discussion in 300 words or a little more the link of the vi

Physical and Motor development

“I can do it myself!”

As young children develop competence in their large and fine motor skills, their attempts to “do it for themselves” sometimes fail. In this Discussion, you explore the role that early childhood professionals play in providing support through the environmental strategies that promote development and safety for children as they develop the responsibility and initiative needed for their growing bodies.

To prepare for this week’s Discussion topics, please watch the video, “Gross and Fine Motor.”

  • Choose one gross motor skill and one fine motor skill you see children demonstrating in this video. In what ways does the development of these skills you identified affect the social, emotional, and cognitive development of the child? How can these skills lead to greater independence for the young child?
  • Growth and development depend on an intricate interplay among heredity and environmental influences (both nature and nurture). As an early childhood professional, how can you provide an environment in which children can maximize their inherent potential?

link to video

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