play review on quot the crucible quot

Use Ariel or Times New Roman font in 12 point size. Format your document with standard margins and avoid any colored text. Make sure your name, class number and section number are clearly stated and justified to the left of the screen! If I don’t see your name on the paper, I will not grade it. The paper must be at least 1500-3000 words. Apply these basic thoughts and questions as you are watching the play.

Did you find the story interesting? What elements from class lessons did you see clearly in the production? Be sure to hit on the following: the audience the script the acting/ acting styles the directing style the theatre space What did you find intriguing in the performances of the actors? What aspects of the play resonated with you and your life? Any other thoughts you would like to add (especially if this is your first play). Also- think and write about the following: –

How did you feel at the end of the play? Did you care about the characters? Were you confused? Enlightened? Saddened or ennobled? In what way did the play affect your immediate reality (if any)? Was the play fun? Did it make you want to act on stage? Did the play have any relevance to the world around us? What was the play trying to say? Would you recommend the play to a friend or relative? -Finally sum up your thoughts in a clear, concise conclusion that briefly tells your reaction to the entire experience as a whole.

I have half of the essay done with 750 words and all i need is to reach 15000. I will attach the document so words can be added on .

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