Planning and Decision Making: Chapter review questions

Part 1 Chapter 5

  • 1) Discuss the benefits and pitfalls of planning.
  • 2) Describe the steps involved in making a plan that works.
  • 3) What are S.M.A.R.T. goals? Provide a detailed SMART goal that you have implemented.
  • 4) Discuss how companies can use plans at all management levels, from top to bottom.
  • 5) Explain how group decisions and group decision-making techniques can improve decision making.

Part 2 – Chapter 5

“Strategic Plan.” Go to NASA’s strategic plan at Browse through the latest strategic plan (it will be long, but just skim through and catch the gist of the plan). Then scroll down to “Center Implementation Plans” and select three of these. Skim through it.

1) How does NASA’s strategic plan relate to the organization’s vision and mission?

2) How is each center’s specific implementation plan connected to NASA?

3) List specific items in each implementation plan that are consistent with NASA’s strategic plan.

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