Plan for Creating an Inclusive Learning Community

Plan for Creating an Inclusive Learning CommunityWrite a personal plan for how you will actively create an inclusive and equitable learning community in the coming school year.For this assignment, you are welcome to submit this in any form or genre you’d like (narrative, comic, PowerPoint, audio recording, etc.), but you should be sure to include at least five specific principles grounded in our course readings and concrete ideas about how you will teach (and work) from an inclusive stance.Some questions to consider: What do you aspire to as an inclusive educator? What will your classroom look and feel like? In what ways you will actively work to include all students in your class and curriculum? How do you plan to enact these principles? How will you overcome challenges to inclusion?Each point/principle in your plan should be connected to an idea from our course and should address the following questions:● How, specifically, do you plan to create an inclusive and equitable environment? What do you intend to do? ● Why is this important?  ● Why do you think this will be good for students?If you know what type of setting you’ll be working in, tailor your ideas to that. If you don’t know yet, imagine your ideal setting.

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