Read the two articles and view the video provided below.

After reviewing all three resources, use your own words to discuss some implications of being accused of plagiarism in the professional world or in your chosen career.

Within your response, include a paraphrased statement from at least two of the sources to support your thoughts. Be sure to include their appropriate in-text citations.

Article and Video Links:

Barry, D., Barstow, D., Glater, J. D., Liptak, A., & Steinberg, J. (2003). Correcting the record: Times reporter who resigned leaves long trail of deception. New York Times, 11. Retreived from

The Jayson Blair story: Favoritism and plagiarism at The New York Times [Video file]. (2003). In Films On Demand. Retrieved from

SPJ Code of Ethics. (2014, September 6). Retrieved June 12, 2017, from

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