persuasive speech topic should graffiti be considered art

Purpose: A persuasive speech is to reinforce, stimulate, or change the audience’s attitudes and beliefs on a topic.

Generally, the speaker must:

Shift the audience’s emotion and reasoning about an issue and sometimes motivate action.

Arouse and maintain the interest and attention of the audience.

What do you want the audience to do, think or feel as a result of your speech? You are expected to research your topic thoroughly and try to convince us of how we should feel or what we should believe about the topic. You may even try to convince us to alter our behavior concerning your topic.

Humor and creativity are often overlooked in persuasive speeches. If your subject is light, humor certainly has a place in your speech. Just be certain to put it in the proper perspective so that the speech does not become an entertainment speech. Additionally, any time you can present an abstract or complex idea in a new and clearer way, your creativity will be rewarded by audience interest and your own enhanced credibility.


1. Select an appropriate topic. (Topic: Should graffiti be considered art?) (Answer: Graffiti will be considered art)

Make certain that it can be covered adequately in the time available. Also, select a topic that interests you and has the potential to interest your audience. You must make the connection between your topic and yourself for your audience in the introduction of your speech. Doing so is especially important in establishing your credibility on the topic. You are required to do research for this topic and to cite that research (which will also increase your credibility).

2. Limit your speech to fit the time limit.

The speech is to be 5 to 7 minutes in length.

3. Research thoroughly.

You must have a minimum of three (4) reliable sources outside of your own knowledge on your subject. Cite sources, when appropriate, in the text of your speech.

4. Vary supporting material.

You are to include at least two different forms of support in your speech. The following are examples of different types of support: statistics, testimony, narrative, reports, and anecdotes.

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