peer review article on segregation in education

Use either Galileo, Proquest, Citeseer, Google Scholar or any research digital library to find….

  • one peer-reviewed research article
  • the article must address school segregation issues that took place BEFORE the 1954 Brown vs. Board of Education decision

Task. Read the article.

Task. Add the article to the Bibliography.

Student deliverable. Learn how to do a complete citation for a research paper using APA format.

Task. Write an Annotated Bibliography following the above Citation.

Student deliverable. Learn how to write an Annotated Bibliography. There is a sample below. The Annotated Bibliography should have two things – summary and personal reflection. Provide one paragraph summary (comprising of 5-7 sentences) and a one paragraph personal reflection (comprising of 5-7 sentences)

Task. Add the actual article to this Assignment as well.

Total attachments: 2

  • the article
  • the Bibliography w/ annotations
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