peer review 150

For each, respond to the questions in the Peer Review Form (at the top of the Content page in Blackboard and linked below and at the bottom of your original group topic thread) by downloading their draft and responding with the Review function in MS Word. Once you are done, save their draft as a .pdf and upload it in a reply to their post. You may copy and paste the form responses into their essay at the end, or post it as a separate attachment. You must hit reply at the bottom of the screen (you may need to scroll down) in order to complete your review.

use 301-PeerRev-Research www.docx to review:

1-Researched Argument Eng 301 (1)

2-Researched Argument Eng 301 (2).

example how it should be done Allen_Research PR.docx

Each one in own file

so at the end i need 2 different files one for Researched Argument Eng 301 (1) and one for Researched Argument Eng 301 (2).

this assignment should not take more than 1 hour to finish it and it is too short

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