peer responses discussion ethical considerations

For your initial post, begin by reminding the class of your final project in a brief sentence or two. Next, identify the stakeholders (and potential stakeholders) of your chosen issue. Then identify any ethical considerations you believe may be of importance for your project, particularly as related to the sources you have identified for your analysis.

Describe any ethical challenges that have arisen as you have researched your social issue that may be related to the stakeholders involved. Be sure to include your references, in either APA format or with direct links to the sources.

In response to your classmates, comment with attention to what ethical considerations might be relevant for the research they are conducting.

To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.

Peer 1

I have chosen to write about prisons being used as mental health institutions. When reading the list of suggested topics this was the one that jumped out on me. I felt I had a connection with this topic since I currently work in the mental health field. There are many different people who are considered to be stakeholders in this situation. For one is the prisoners, because their main concern is receiving proper care. Next is the staff at the jail, the CO’s and guards because they wouldn’t have to give the “extra care” to the ill inmates and they can focus more on the other inmates. Next would be the public because it is cheaper to send someone with a mental illness to a hospital for treatment then it is to send them to jail (NAMI). It is in everyone’s best interest to find a different form of consequence for those who have mental health issues.

The main ethical consideration that is being violated is that people who have mental illness are not receiving the proper care that they require, this is a violation of their rights. Beneficence is that all of the workers action should promote good which is not being done in mental health prison situations. Fidelity is being trustworthy to the patient, which includes giving them the best care, this is also not being done in most situations. It is so alarming that just because people have a mental health issue that they are not receiving the proper care that they deserve

Peer 2

My topic was the intervention of campus sexual assault. This is a major issue that is bringing more awareness recently due to the use of social media and advocacy. The stakeholder’s within this issue are the victim/survivor, the institution, and the community. The ethical concerns I have come across in my research are the victim blaming and the many rape myths that are believed by bystander’s and potential perpetrators (McMahon, 2010). Confidentiality is another major ethical consideration because if the assault was big enough, taking it into legal action can breach that confidentiality for the victim/survivor.

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