peer response


Good Afternoon Classmates,

If I were to choose a celebrity to endorse Diet Pepsi out of Beyonce, Jimmy Falon, Bill Gates and Kelly Clarkson, I would choose Jimmy Falon. I chose Jimmy Falon because I feel he is the only one of the four options that has the talent and relatability to reach the teen population of 12-19. I could choose Beyonce or Kelly Clarkson if I knew the audience specifically fit the genre of music each produces, but in the case of a general audience I believe Jimmy Falon’s comedy can reach everyone. Even though he is a late night host, a lot of people know who he is and can enjoy his sense of humor. I can visualize him making an ad for Diet Pepsi to be humorous while also focusing on the fact that Diet Pepsi’s claim is that it has less sugar than regular Pepsi Cola. When something is advertised by someone relatable it makes me want to try it myself sometimes so I know the younger age individuals could be influenced as well.

The media channels I would use to reach the particular target market with Jimmy Falon, would of course be his talk show, but since that is on late at night when the younger kids are asleep it would be obvious to use what they are most interested in; Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat and TV Commercials. I would get Jimmy Falon to endorse Diet Pepsi by using what he does best, comedy. Using Facebook, Instagram and Snap Chat he could do a still ad or even a short commercial type of ad that includes jokes and props. TV commercials would feature him doing something hilarious but relatable, or telling jokes. Magazine still ads would also be useful to reach the target audiences.

Very Respectfully,


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